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We are building the planets most efficient factory to accelerate a democratic, abundant, spacefaring future.

$90m in new capital to manufacture the future

Hadrian announces new fundraising to accelerate our mission and transform America's advanced manufacturing industrial base.

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$90m in new capital to manufacture the future.


Today we are announcing $90m in new funding, with a Series A led by Lux Capital and a Series A-Prime led by A16Z – with major participation from Lachy Groom, Caffeinated Capital, Founders Fund, Construct Capital & 137 Ventures.

Brandon Reeves from Lux and Katherine Boyle from A16Z will be joining Hadrian’s board. 

In the 12 months since our Seed Round, we’ve.

  • Built and operationalized Factory 1 in Hawthorne, LA
  • Grown our team of builders from 6 to 40+
  • Proven that we can make spaceflight-grade parts 10x faster and >40% more efficiently than the legacy advanced manufacturing supply chain. 
  • Begun serving several of the US’ most prominent Rocket & Satellite manufacturers
  • Proven that our simplified systems can enable operators with zero machining experience to produce spaceflight grade hardware with less than 60 days of training

The fact that we have achieved this much in such a short period a time is a testament to our team – an eclectic mix of the best machinists, software engineers, automation engineers & operators in the world.

This new capital will allow us to maintain our speed while scaling up to meet incredible customer demand. In 2022, we’ll 

  • Grow our team to 100+, creating new, high paying manufacturing jobs along the way
  • Launch Factory #2 in the Summer (5x the size of Factory #1 in Torrance, LA)
  • Launch Steels & other hard metals
  • Scale out our automation & processes in preparation for country-wide expansion in 2023

Our Mission

With the world order looking more uncertain by the day and supply chain issues rocking the country, Hadrian’s mission to transform the US industrial base has never been more important. 

Being the planet’s most efficient factory means nothing unless we can scale up to billions in revenue capacity, fast enough to replace the aging high precision machining supply chain in the US. If we don't, our most important Space & Defense companies will be caught flat footed in what might be the most critical decade in the US’ history.

By enabling all US advanced manufacturers in Space, Defense, Semiconductor, Energy and Medical Devices to make their products 10x faster and 50% cheaper, Hadrian will empower US aligned actors to win Space Race II, and maintain peace through strength on Earth, in Orbit and in cislunar space.

If collectively, alongside our customers, we meet those twin goals, we will have ensured that as humanity settles the solar system and steps up to face the geopolitical and social challenges of the 2020's, it is led by actors aligned with a free & peaceful global order, not led by a totalitarian regime that has increasingly shown little regard for human life.

If Hadrian can play a small part in bending the arc of history towards the free, the brave, and the best humanity has to offer, our toil will have been worth it.

That future is within reach, and it’s up to us to manufacture it.

Chris Power, CEO & Founder, 3/31/22

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