Manufacturing the future.

We are building the planets most efficient factory to accelerate a democratic, abundant, spacefaring future.

Manufacturing the future

We're building the planet's most efficient factories to accelerate a free, abundant, spacefaring future.

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our mission

Accelerating Advanced Manufacturing.

America’s Space & Defense industry is bottlenecked by the capacity of a network of owner-operated machine shops that produce precision metal components.

Hadrian is building a series of highly automated precision component factories across the US to enable Space & Defense manufacturers get parts 10x faster and halve the cost of making Rockets, Satellites, Jets & Drones.

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How we're doing it

The planet’s most efficient factory.

Hadrian is building the next generation of factories to accelerate the pace of advanced American manufacturing: by delivering parts in less time, on time, every time.

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Parts in days, not months

We deliver flight-grade machined parts in 5-21 days, depending on complexity and coatings/outside processes.

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Our advanced scheduling, capacity management and factory operating system enables us to meet our promise date and your need date every time.

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Real time visibility of your parts in our factory and supply chain, including inspection results as they happen, from FAI to Final.

Our capabilities

  • NPI & Production under one roof
  • Lead times in days, not weeks
  • AS9100 registered and compliant
  • High Precision, 5 Axis Milling

  • AL 7075 & 6061 stocked at all times
  • Common OSP & Insert types supported
  • Scalable capacity to handle the most aggressive program ramps
  • Steel, Titanium & Inconel capabilities launching soon

We partner deeply with customers to dramatically improve their NPI and production throughput.

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Join our team of machinists, software engineers, operators and automation engineers to manufacture the future.

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